Perched on a promontory to the south of the Yesa reservoir, Artieda lives pending the administrative decisions on the expansion of the reservoir, but at the same time it maintains an enviable socio-economic activity thanks to the high percentage of young and enterprising population.

When we say Artieda, the first thing that comes to mind is the Yesa reservoir. Both inside and outside the Aragonese borders, the struggle that its inhabitants have been waging for years to ensure that their fields and livelihoods are not drowned under the waters.

However, Artieda means much more. Its location on the border between the kingdoms of Navarre and Aragon has given it a very special character. This town has a good offer of rural tourism in the Aragonese section of the Camino de Santiago, since in addition to the pilgrims’ hostel it has two houses that offer accommodation for tourists, travellers and pilgrims.


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AYUNTAMIENTO: 948 43 93 41

CENTRO DE SALUD (BERDÚN): 974 37 17 94

TAXI: 948 43 92 80 / 649 81 35 52 / 649 81 35 17