A few kilometres from the border with France stands the majestic Canfranc International Railway Station.

Built in the first decades of the 20th century, the Canfranc International Railway Station is a beautiful example of the modernist and industrial architecture of the period, endowed with surprising elegance. Guided tours are currently organised to show visitors the splendour it still preserves. The station is located in what is known as Canfranc Estación, which together with Canfranc Pueblo make up the municipality of Canfranc.

Although in the history of Aragon the cross-border relationship has always been fluid, we can also find nineteenth-century defensive constructions such as the Torreta de Fusileros or the Fort of Coll de Ladrones. When the road was widened around 1990, it was planned to move it stone by stone to Jaca, but the reaction of the inhabitants of Canfranc ensured that it was preserved in its original location. It has since been restored and opened to the public, and often hosts various exhibitions, fulfilling a worthy cultural function. Many skiers make a stop in the town, as the Astún and Candanchú ski resorts are very close by. There are also many pilgrims who pass through Canfranc every year following the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela.

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Pza. del Ayuntamiento, 1
Tel. 974 37 31 41
web: www.canfranc.es

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Ayuntamiento: 974 37 30 29

Consultorio médico: 974 37 30 13

Farmacia: 974 37 31 60

Guardia civil: 974 37 30 66

Correos y telégrafos: 974 37 21 94

Estación de ferrocarril: 974 37 30 44  /  902 24 02 02

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