Santa Cilia/Zilia

Santa Cilia (Santa Zilia in Aragonese) is a town in the Jacetania region in the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees. It is set in beautiful natural surroundings, forming part of such interesting areas as the Aragon Valley, the Berdún Canal and the protected landscape of San Juan de la Peña and Monte Oroel.

The locality brings together the cultural and natural attractions of the area and also offers special activities thanks to the Santa Cilia Aerodrome, the only one in the region and the base for a wide variety of aerial sports exhibitions.

Aeromodelling and parachuting complete a range of leisure activities in which the air plays a leading role, but which also offers very interesting alternatives on the ground, including hiking and mountain biking routes of varying difficulty and cultural visits to historical sites such as the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña.

The history of Santa Cilia is linked to the Royal Monastery of San Juan de la Peña. Its origins are medieval. There are documents confirming its existence in the 10th century.


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Alojamientos Santa Cilia / Santa Zilia


Ayuntamiento: 974377168

Centro de salud (Berdún): 974371794

Taxi: 974377294 / 617004480

Panadería: 974377106